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Winter Athletic Clearances
Last update:  8/19/2016  2:45 pm
Please see the list below for student/athletes who are currently medically cleared for participation in Winter Sports.  If your name is not listed and you are sure you completed the online registration and handed in all necessary paperwork to the school nurse, please call Mrs. Speirs in the Athletic Office - 732-222-9300 x2300.
Amado Victoria 10 Dance
Anderson Lily 12 Girls' Swimming
Arkenau Mackenzie 12 Dance
Aurilio Alyssa 11 Cheerleading
Barton jacqueline 11 Girls' Basketball
Barton Jessica 10 Girls' Basketball
Bartram Kayla 10 Girls' Swimming
Bartram Zach 11 Boys' Winter Track
Bates Kiernan 11 Girls' Basketball
Benatar Abie 9 Boys' Basketball
Benatar Fortune 9 Girls' Basketball
Binns Ari 9 Boys' Basketball
Birdsall Hannah 10 Girls' Winter Track
Bohnert Hayley 11 Girls' Basketball
Bonner Jeffrey 12 Boys' Swimming
Bristol Danielle 11 Girls' Swimming
Cameron Max 10 Boys' Basketball
Canneto Richard 9 Ice Hockey
Cannon Austin 12 Wrestling
Carroll Noah 10 Boys' Basketball
Chambers Kristina 9 Girls' Basketball
Chartier Devin 11 Boys' Basketball
Chen Manwei 10 Girls' Bowling
Chen Sandra 12 Girls' Bowling
Chen Tina 10 Girls' Bowling
Ciambrone Anthony 10 Boys' Basketball
Cioffi Marina 9 Dance
Colmon III Avon 9 Boys' Swimming
Cosentino Kayla 12 Cheerleading
cosentino shanna 9 Cheerleading
Covin JohnPaul 10 Boys' Basketball
Creighton Conor 9 Boys' Basketball
Crochet Nicholas 10 Boys' Basketball
Cullen Jocelyn 9 Girls' Swimming
Dangler John Paul 11 Boys' Swimming
Davis Julia 9 Girls' Basketball
Deady Russell 10 Boys' Basketball
Delehanty Colin 9 Boys' Bowling
DeOliveira Marcopolo 11 Boys' Basketball
Dibble Jordia 9 Girls' Bowling
DiCianni Chloe 9 Girls' Winter Track
DiCianni Grace 9 Girls' Winter Track
DiLorenzo Jenna 10 Girls' Swimming
Dolan Ryan 9 Boys' Basketball
Donegan Caitlin 9 Girls' Basketball
Donohoe James 9 Boys' Basketball
Donohoe John "Jack" 10 Boys' Swimming
Dowell Kyre 12 Boys' Basketball
DuBois Jack 11 Boys' Basketball
DuBois Kevin 11 Boys' Basketball
Dunn Alexandra 12 Dance
Eilers Spencer 11 Boys' Basketball
Farawell Brenna 10 Girls' Winter Track
Farber Sarah 9 Dance
Fisher Karliegh 9 Cheerleading
Fishkin Colette 10 Girls' Winter Track
Flaherty Casey 9 Girls' Swimming
Flanagan Ryan 10 Boys' Basketball
Foggia Jake 9 Wrestling
Forlini Christopher 10 Boys' Swimming
freund garrett 10 Boys' Winter Track
Gajewski Aidan 9 Boys' Winter Track
Gammon Kathryn 10 Girls' Swimming
Garcia Alexis 11 Wrestling
George Ellie 11 Girls' Swimming
George Holly 9 Girls' Winter Track
George Sophie 9 Girls' Winter Track
Gordon Breana 11 Dance
Gordon Justeen 10 Girls' Bowling
Guo Emily 10 Girls' Basketball
Hegglin Moira 9 Girls' Basketball
Hellmers Meaghan 11 Girls' Winter Track
Hembling Marisa 10 Girls' Swimming
Hendricksen Ian 12 Ice Hockey
Hollis Alyssa 11 Dance
Houlis Brittany 11 Girls' Winter Track
Huang Sammi 9 Girls' Bowling
Hunter Kaitlyn 12 Girls' Swimming
Hurd Samantha 11 Cheerleading
Ippolito Matthew 9 Boys' Swimming
Jackson Breanna 11 Girls' Basketball
Janovic Cameron 10 Boys' Winter Track
Jarvis Sasha 10 Girls' Winter Track
Jones Nathan 9 Boys' Basketball
Jones Ryan 12 Boys' Basketball
Joyce Cody 10 Wrestling
Kelly Megan 9 Dance
Klem Jaxon 10 Boys' Swimming
Koob Kyle 10 Boys' Basketball
Kozak Ryan 9 Boys' Swimming
Kramer Madison 9 Girls' Swimming
Kukowski Zoe 9 Girls' Winter Track
La Valle Evan 10 Ice Hockey
La Valle Joseph 12 Ice Hockey
Lakhani Shubh 11 Boys' Bowling
LaMarca Christopher 11 Boys' Basketball
Lang Devan 10 Girls' Winter Track
Lang Jeremy 11 Boys' Winter Track
Lang Mallory 9 Girls' Winter Track
Lang Sarah 12 Girls' Winter Track
LaPorta David 12 Boys' Winter Track
Laughlin Alexei 12 Ice Hockey
Lepping Peyton 10 Girls' Swimming
Liana Elisabeth 11 Girls' Winter Track
Lin Jonathan 9 Boys' Swimming
Loehr Nolan 10 Boys' Winter Track
Loehr Ryan 11 Boys' Winter Track
Lynch Sarah 12 Girls' Basketball
Lyons Brooke 11 Girls' Winter Track
MacStudy Martin 10 Boys' Winter Track
Mannino Thomas 12 Boys' Basketball
Martucci Samuel 9 Boys' Basketball
McCarthy Jenna 9 Girls' Winter Track
McCrae Jack 10 Wrestling
McDonough Anna 12 Girls' Swimming
Mcheffey Erin 10 Girls' Swimming
McLaughlin Madelyn 11 Girls' Winter Track
Miele Cape 9 Girls' Bowling
Miller Maxwell 10 Boys' Basketball
Montesinos Leo 10 Boys' Basketball
Moore Kelsey 11 Girls' Winter Track
Moore Meghan 11 Girls' Winter Track
Morais Maria Luiza 10 Dance
Mulvey Brennan 10 Ice Hockey
Myles Hunter 9 Boys' Basketball
Neyhart Anthony 9 Boys' Basketball
Nichols Alex 12 Wrestling
Notte Savannah 9 Girls' Basketball
O'Donnell Bryan 12 Boys' Winter Track
Olsen Emmalee 10 Girls' Basketball
Olsen Jillian 10 Girls' Basketball
O'Neill Daniel 12 Boys' Winter Track
O'Neill Grace 9 Dance
O'Scanlon Kyle 10 Boys' Basketball
Paglia Ryan 9 Boys' Basketball
Palmero Jade 10 Girls' Bowling
Panduri Chris 10 Boys' Basketball
Parrino Tiffany 9 Cheerleading
Pavlinet Connor 12 Boys' Winter Track
Pekmezian Richie 9 Boys' Basketball
Perrella Anthony 11 Boys' Swimming
Perri Matthew 10 Ice Hockey
Perri Micheal 12 Ice Hockey
Pesh Gabe 9 Wrestling
Phillips Devyn 10 Girls' Winter Track
Quill Megan 11 Girls' Winter Track
Racioppi Julia 12 Dance
Rafael Litzy 10 Girls' Bowling
Reiser Allie 12 Girls' Basketball
Rogers Erin 12 Girls' Basketball
Rosati Michael 11 Wrestling
Ruane Erin 10 Girls' Swimming
Saible Brian 11 Boys' Basketball
Santi Lily 9 Girls' Basketball
Schussler Natalie 11 Girls' Winter Track
Sears Sydney 9 Girls' Basketball
Sempkowski Paige 12 Cheerleading
Shaffery Garrett 10 Wrestling
Shapiro Jaclyn 11 Girls' Basketball
Shea TJ 11 Boys' Swimming
Shirvanian Michael 11 Boys' Basketball
Sigmond-Warner Maggie 10 Girls' Swimming
Sirianni Scott 9 Ice Hockey
Slattery Samantha 12 Cheerleading
Smolokoff Dean 12 Wrestling
Smuro Bradley 11 Wrestling
Smuro Tanner 9 Wrestling
Soyer Kayla 10 Cheerleading
Stephens Katherine 12 Girls' Winter Track
Stephens Liam 10 Boys' Winter Track
Stevenson John 9 Boys' Winter Track
Sudowsky Kaitlyn 10 Cheerleading
Sudowsky Sarah 12 Cheerleading
Sweeney Mia 9 Girls' Swimming
Terrany Audrey 10 Girls' Swimming
Terrany Ryan 12 Boys' Swimming
Thormann Pierre 12 Boys' Swimming
Trimble Tyler 9 Boys' Basketball
Troncoso Nicholas 12 Boys' Swimming
Turner Jake 10 Boys' Winter Track
Valerio Louis 10 Wrestling
Valinoti Elise 12 Girls' Bowling
Wallace Jacob 9 Boys' Basketball
Walter Pari 9 Girls' Winter Track
Walter Teague 12 Boys' Bowling
Walther Maximilian 11 Boys' Swimming
Watt Jamie 9 Girls' Swimming
Watts Faith 12 Girls' Swimming
Weeden Elizabeth 11 Girls' Winter Track
Weeden Robert 9 Boys' Winter Track
Weir Jarrett 11 Wrestling
Wells Melissa 12 Dance
Welsh Elizabeth 11 Girls' Swimming
Westerlind Ryan 9 Boys' Basketball
Whitacre Chase 9 Boys' Swimming
Wilbanks Courtney 11 Dance
Wollman Chloe 9 Girls' Basketball
Wollman Lauren 12 Girls' Winter Track
Yamello Jessica 9 Cheerleading
Yonezuka Nicolas 9 Boys' Winter Track
Zabler Kolya 10 Boys' Basketball
Zheng Amy 9 Girls' Bowling
Zimmerman Michael "Mick" 12 Boys' Swimming